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ArtWash event 2006
ArtWash event 2006

This site provides information about ArtWash activities, including our past, present and future news.

ArtWash is an artist led association that makes art and events happen. ArtWash was founded in 2003 by Kay Sentence; joined later by Barry Reeves and Ann Rapstoff. ArtWash has been providing a platform for artists to present experimental work in progress and completed work in unconventional spaces and contexts. It makes links with artists and supports them in presenting their work. The ArtWash team have worked in the South East with regional national and international artists.  ArtWash audiences are usually small and intimate; the team offers artists feedback and supports dialogue concerning the development of work.  

ArtWash has showcased diverse work in a working laundrette, including, performance, installation, dance, poetry, installation, sonic art and participatory happenings. More recently ArtWash developed Take-out a one night happening at Tsang’s Kitchen and Home Delivery Service, in which  ‘the customer’ chose an artist from a menu and provided their home as a venue for the work. Currently ArtWash has morphed into R-U (here).

R-U stands for Rural and Urban explorations of cultural life through Art and Architecture.